I’ve been taking pictures as photoreporter for quite a long time now. I started in 2004. My equipment consists of Canon EOS 40D, Canon 430EX flash light, and an analogue Zenit E. The latter is used rather rarely.

In my works you can find black-and-white pictures  especially with art photography and portraits, I particularly like, though I also value colour pictures highly. I treasure photographs that have not been tampered with using additional software, but a part of my ideas are created by means of Photoshop.

I have cooperated with the music service, taking concert pics forwarded to other Polish and foreign sites. I also sometimes have my pictures published by the portal, postindustry,, bestofprey-magazin. I took pictures of concerts and parties in music club Liverpool and Center Of Artistic Activities – Firlej.

In January 2005 my pictures were used in the inlay for the latest „INSTITUTION D.O.L” LP from the concert at Wroclaw Industrial Festival 2004.

I completed photography workshops in December 2005, recieving with a diploma and an exhibition.

In October 2007 I finished big project for online store (more less 2.500 photos) who, sells wallpaper on the wall with a series ofexclusive”.

In April 2008 my pictures were used in the booklet CD Album  „A Polish Tribute To The Sisters of Mercy – Sittin’ In The Bar For Hours”, which is a compilation of the band,s biggest hits performed by Andrew Eldritch Polish teams.

A lot of my pictures were used in Magazines and at band page’s.

In 2018 the interview with me: by khoci